Justice from HarvardX

This is one of the best courses i’ve ever taken from MOOC platforms, it should be taught everywhere and to everyone. I may sound a bit like i am overselling this but believe it worth every minute that you’ll devote. It’s trully an investment to you and the people around you.

The new session starts in June


Hope you enjoy the course as much as i did.




My linux story

This is kind of a diary post..be aware 🙂

First thing’s first:
A great ted talk

This is something that wore me down..aaaaa loooootttt
Today with the help of a friend i finally made the final training step/first step in the ubuntu community and broke free.

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In-Debt Education

This subject is one that does not affect the Greek reality (In greece undergraduate & graduate studies are free as we consider education an essential commodity like food and water, untill now at least) but still it is very close to my heart.

Some student confessions on their loans

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