The First Escape Room :)

I am an avid lover of escape rooms and this is the first one..
Thanks Attila from Budapest for creating this wonderfull new entertainment way.


On Microsoft Software

Microsoft – A decent software company or an Enforcer of Monopoly in Software market..
Obviously the documentary below is slanted towards the latter 🙂

Of course you can see this and decide! I vote for OpenSource 😀

Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell Youtube Channel

As you may surely have guessed by now i love animated videos 😛
And i am an avid consumer of such youtube channels.

I’ve previously posted two of their videos and here are two more

On Human Origins

and on Genetic Engineering and CRISPR

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The Rat Park Experiment

Society has a distorted view and approach to addiction and drugs.
After Bruce Alexander conducted the amazing the rat park experiment, you’d think we would have learned a thing or two, in order not chew and spit the addicts of every kind.
Everything starts with psychological void and if you are covered in that section you won’t need drugs if not you ‘ll be prone.