Rubic’s Cube Record Solution

Robot Solve of the Rubic’s Cube…the fastest till now 🙂


On MultiBillionaire Companies

And this is why the poor suffer what they must!



Hacking Has Leveled Up

Wtf…computer monitor exploit!!!




Took ourrr jobs!

A hot topic indeed, it’s everywhere nowdays..universal basic income is a concept which is here to stay.


3Blue1Brown Youtube Channel Review and Favorite Videos

I love this channel. The background music is so relaxing and the topics that this guy analyses are hot!! Well, yeah, at least for me 😛

Here there are two videos about neural networks and machine learning. Grant Sanderson goes the extra mile in order to make the subject as comprehensible as possible. He is also a partner of Khan Academy!

Bring also your math hats 🙂 and don’t be afraid if you catch his train of thought he is relatively linear to watch.

If you are the math type then i bet you’ll find much more amazing videos in his channel.

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