Truman Show Delusion

One of the most frightening ideas and a very good movie 🙂


Making Wine Underwater

This is a frickin cool hobby


Cows and Jazz

I love this


My linux story

This is kind of a diary aware 🙂

First thing’s first:
A great ted talk

This is something that wore me down..aaaaa loooootttt
Today with the help of a friend i finally made the final training step/first step in the ubuntu community and broke free.

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Morning ‘s here: A real song indeed!

This is a fun-fact post for some friends of mine so bare with me

So there is this comedy show which needs no introduction: Friends

Joey’s neighbour is singing a song that i love: which mainly welcomes the morning that has come.

The problem was that you couldn’t find the hard as i had searched.
My research led me to find out that the tune of the song is real but the lyrics are made up for the show.

So without further ado

First the video from friends

Friends song lyrics

“Morning’s Here
The Morning is Here
Sunshine is Here
The Sky is Clear
The Morning’s here
Get into Gear
Breakfast is near
The Dark of Night Has Disappeared”


And then the real song

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Broke your wall? Repair it with..Lego

Repairing Walls with lego bricks

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