Why do you do what you do?

Why is, was and will be the most powerful question that you can ask.

Petter Johansson will elaborate on this.

At least some whys can be explained… ^_^


Nerdwriter1 Youtube Channel


It’s one of my latest finding and it is totally an amazing channel. The way he examines the subject matter, the class and quality of his videos, his presentation skills,the in-depth analysis he makes…all these and much more make me feel that i have improved as a human just by watching his videos..I truly think this for his channel and i totally recommend you his work.

I am citing my top:


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Reality and Ideals

In this clip from 1972, legendary psychiatrist and Holocaust-survivor Viktor Frankl speaks about believing in others, in this 4 minute ted talk. I posting this not only for you but also for me because we tend to consider only realism as the true philosophy in life. Have your feet on the ground…Be practical…see things as the REALLY are…but Viktor suggest another viewpoint that seems to be pretty valid as well.


The Maxim:
If we take man as he really is we make him worst but if take man as he should be we make him capable to becoming what he can really be.

Don’t Strive for Realism strive for Idealism.

Because if we don’t try to achieve an ideal we are bound to fall behind.


On Books and Reading

These were my best!

1. Every time…

2.This is Me!!

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Can Science Answer Moral Questions?


Make Stress Your Friend

Probably the best ted talk i’ve heard lately!


Questions to ask before marriage

Before marriage and in any relationship that you get into if i may add do have a common goal with the other person.. this can at least give you a chance of converging to the common point and withstand all the difficulties that surely will occur!