Soulpancake Youtube Channel

This channel is literally lifechanging


I’ve been browsing and watching its videos for almost two months and i am very happy doing so.

Its video are deeply impactfull. Enough with words.

I am citing some of the channel’s video playlists

Hope you dig deep.


People from ages 0 to 100 speak on deep subjects.

They have some series that in other implementation i would have found them trushy etc, but the channel’s team projects its quality.

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Science of Dreams

Dreams according to freudian psychoanalysis are the door that connects the conscious to the unconscious mind. Therefore it is of great importance not only to hear but also interpret them in order to achieve self-knowledge.

This video from big thing sums up the science behind dreaming that confirms freud in a very good degree.


For a more extensive dissertation try reading or hearing the audiobook of freud i.e. the interpretation of dreams.

Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell Youtube Channel

As you may surely have guessed by now i love animated videos 😛
And i am an avid consumer of such youtube channels.

I’ve previously posted two of their videos and here are two more

On Human Origins

and on Genetic Engineering and CRISPR

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