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Why men and women can’t be friends


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Vinod Khosla on Perseverance & Failure

Amazing guy…

I am exploring his interviews. His philosophy and his way to deal with anything, his stance against failure and success, his brutal honesty concept and his perseverance are awe-inspiring.

Here are two small video parts concerning his viewpoint on jobs and robots and on education.


Alternative Education

This is a hot subject in our days, and one that i am interested in alot. We can see that the traditional schooling system, which was in fact created in order to produce workers for the industry, is failing, and it’s gonna go down hard.

What will emerge is not yet clear. There obviously exists a tendency (for the new school) to be more anthropocentric and more holistic skillwise and on the other hand there is a vast pressure to introduce and implement technology, even from kindergarten.

I don’t know what will preveil (ok probably the tech-solution at first because thats what is needed: skilled workers who will program the robots but long term if, at least we wanna mainted the existing sociological structure, we have to go holistic and center the man).

For sure though, there are voices against the tech-approach for many reason (isolates socially, may be possibly harmfull [wireless radiation see post https://greekprocrastinator.wordpress.com/2016/05/02/wireless-radiation-a-warning-signal/%5D). And of course there are paradigms the economical elite where steve jobs didn’t allowed tech (especially ipads) to kids

elon mask who didn’t like his kids school and created a new one etc

Here are two alternative education styles that emphasize the above not tech tendencies, in animation



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