About Me

Hello World 😛

I am Greek ( profoundly! ), i am a guy and i will try to express myself using this blog!
This blogging scheme is something new for me so be patient and give me a break 🙂

Some other stuff that identify me:

  • i want to call myself a mathematician (i am not a charlatan..i’ve studied!and if i may say meticulously)
  • I am an avid gamer, video games, board games, physical games..you name it..i play it
  • i am an amateur dancer (Greek folk dances, some latin dance) and of course a DanceMatER!
  • I am a Trekker, a Cycler and a “Yoger” at least when i have time
  • I love to read; but only what i want to
  • I fancy cooking but unfortunately, at least for now i don’t have an oven, thus my choices are somewhat limited.
  • I have a passion about Education (STEM, Serious Games, ICT, Online Learning), Politics, Philosophy, Environment, Economics, Math, Physics

You can understand that my posts will be around those topics so if you are interested in the above fields and you also like my writing style you can follow me either in WordPress, on twitter or by RSS. If you like a post or have something useful to contribute please do comment!

It is also implied that from time to time i may write stuff about Greek reality and that i will use Greek… i pledge thought that i will strive to provide English translation for everything i write in Greek.

I am stating here that i will try to post something every day..it is more than certain though that i will break this rule most of the times.


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