How long should a man last in bed?!

Or what is the natural ejaculation time or how do we lost our penis bone!

Man did had a bone in his penis some time ago but now his boners are pretty boneless 🙂 (i wanted to say this!)
When man needed to pass his genes and therefore mate with as many partners as he could he had a bone. When monogamy infiltrated in our culture and antagonism for mating was declining, man steadily lost his bone.


“But what about humans? If the penis bone is so important in competing for a mate and prolonging copulation, then why don’t we have one?

Well, the short answer to that is that humans don’t quite make it into the ‘prolonged intromission’ category. The average duration from penetration to ejaculation for human males is less than 2 minutes.”


“Σύμφωνα με τους επιστήμονες, το χρονικό όριο για τη διάρκεια της διείσδυσης του αρσενικού οργάνου, πέρα από το οποίο το οστό κρίνεται αναγκαίο, είναι τα τρία λεπτά. Κάτω από τα τρία λεπτά συνουσίας, το οστό αρχίζει να γίνεται περιττό (και αυτή είναι η περίπτωση του”


If you can last more good for you and don’t forget that you are included in the gaussian distribution 😛

If not don’t worry! It’s only natural!



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