Atom bomb baby :O


Today North-Korea tested an H-bom.

I always felt an awe when thinking about nuclear holocaust..bare with me..there are many ways that humans can go extinct from gmo (from bad food to new diseases) to rise of the temperature with CO2’s release from the ice glaciers of north and south pole signalling a new ice age..but these ways are slow

There is something mystifying about nuclear bombs..they clearly demonstrate the raw power that we have accumulated through our time in the planet, the fragility of our petty existence, the utter and complete paranoia of war but also that it is a consisting part of human nature.

To be human is to be prone to violence..we know this from Zimbardo’s  Stanford Prison Experiment in 1971. Maybe prone is not the right world..Violence is in our nature.. It was always this way..Man had to fight not only against nature’s elements but also against his nature, in order to produce civilization.

And now we are here..a crazy dictator has he was forever ready (σαν έτοιμος από καιρό-Cavafy) threatening to wipe everything into oblivion. Maybe it’s our fate..our civilization is like an eruption-something like Eddie van Hallen’s eruption –

(what a song!!)
and this eruption cannot go forever..or can it?

In terminator there is the famous quote:


No answers here 🙂
I just want to remark that it is quite a ride till now!
And who knows maybe we will have a FALLOUT post-apocalyptic scenery, trying to loot and kill for booty.
With 80s nostalgic mood ATOM BOMB BABY




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