Dance Movies

Lately I am passing the phase of dance movies, after seeing almost every new and some of the classics i can state my top scenes from ’em.

Lets start:

1) Moulin Rouge
This may be one of the best scenes

albeit the movie (Moulin Rouge) was not something more special than the generic love story theme, this scene takes it to another level.

First there is desire
Then Passion
Then Suspicion, Jealousy, Anger, Betrayal
When love is for the highest bidder there can be no trust
Jealousy, yes Jealousy, will drive you..maaaad!

Deeply Touched :O

And what does Satine(Nicole Kitman) does when the Duke offers her earth and water?
Offers her everything that she had desired, she takes everything and throws it to the ground
Because love cannot be bought, cannot be traded, Love can only be offered and get accepted or
rejected. Roxannneeee

2)Mask of Zorro

Mainly for the song 🙂

3)And Mr & Ms Smith

4)Scent of a Woman
And the best of the Best

omg how much i love al pacino..he gives his soul in every role!!

5)Shall we Dance
Another one of my favorites is skating clacketty dance from Shall we Dance with Fred Aster and Ginger Rogers
after have sung Let’s call the whole thing off 🙂

6)Goodnight Kathy..
Ah love 😀

7)Billy Elliot
What can i say for billy elliot..
There was not a particularly good dancing scene from Billy Elliot it was the feeling that was emitted from the whole film
a boy forced on an extracurricular activity he loathed i.e. boxing suddenly discovers his passion about dancing and from then he starts to fight in order to be able to follow his passion. I dare you to see this movie and not cry!!


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