Bobby Fischer Against The World

It’s 1972, the USSR-USA crisis has been dramatically escalated, Space Race is at it’s peek,
war missiles are raised from both sides higher and higher, it’s the time
for confrontation, it’s the time for truth, the time for war..the battle can now begin.
And as every battle that has ever been fought it starts on the mental level,
before anything else ideologies must clash, this will happen in a chess game, but not
any chess game, THE CHESS GAME, it’s the ultimate battle West against East for world domination
it was a time of darkness, it was a world of fear it was the age of Cold war.

For a communist regime, keeping the chess crown was of outmost importance ideologically
The communist state took over chess to use it as proof of its intellectual superiority
over decadent west. In the USSR regime chess players were privileged people (financial help, coaching)
in USA anybody was on his own.

The crown belongs rightfully to USSR (TAL 1960 to 1961, BOTVINNIK 1948–-57;1958-–60;1961-–63, PETROSIAN 1963-–69, SPASSKY 1969–-72)
and it will strive to keep it that way

All these have been voiced by a russian song by Vysotsky
(see here for english translation

and another version of a part of the song, one that i especially like 🙂

The song starts:
Kremlin is screaming: “You idiots over there don’t let our chess prestige fall..”

This burden must be bared by two men: Boris Spassky from USSR, an already World Chess Champion and
Bobby Fishcer from the US, the chess protege that must fight the Russian Chess Machine.

First game fischer makes a rookie mistake and loses
Second game fischer forfeits
Note that it’s extremely difficult to win a chess game when losing by 2 points
in the grandmaster level but not for Bobby Fischer he wins with 12 1/2-–8 1/2

The rest is history (

for more about fischer check the HBO documentary Fischer Against the world


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