A Passionate First Post

So..let’s get down to business to defeat the Huns?? waaa..

This will be my first post in wordpress! I am pretty excited right now 🙂 it is about 01:23am GMT and i ‘m in the mood to share something..but not anything my first post will be as every first thing has to be: Passionate!

Without further ado then i am gonna give you Clifford Stoll. If you are looking for a great CV Mr. Stoll is not your guy albeit he holds a phd. What you’ll find though is a man with restless energy, a man who for me symbolizes the passion to learn. But not learning from the academia viewpoint; learning as an end in itself, learning in context, learning that is always connected to the real world.

Do not get me wrong here i enjoy abstract concepts as much as the next door guy but i want here to criticize the academia learning process that, not always, but sometimes can be very sterile.

First here you can see his TedTalk

And then an interview that he had given on #numberphile recently..do not forget that he is the man with a thousand kleine bottle under his house 😉

PS: I can’t thing of better clothes for somebody to wear than a #Klein hat and #Mobius scarf:)


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